NOVARGI is a leading innovative technological Company specialized in Process Technology, Thermal Equipment, Process Skids, Energy systems and DeNOx Systems to be applied in the Oil&Gas and Energy Industry.

Additionally NOVARGI develops a strong R&D and specializes in Process Intensification through Micro-technology Processes focused on NOVARGI® Modified FT process and other Micro-Technology Equipment.

NOVARGI employs its own capabilities for manufacturing critical components for Micro-Technology Processes.

NOVARGI is your reliable partner to assist you during the whole Assistance to Product Life Cycle, from the conceptual design to the maintenance activities, through the Project Execution and on-site assistance.

NOVARGI is a company specialized in the following areas:

  • Process Equipment and Packages
    • Novargi specializes in Innovative and Reliable Process Equipment to serve the Oil&Gas, Energy and Environmental Industries.
  • Micro-technology solutions for the Process Industry
    • Starting from Small Gas-to-Liquids solutions to Fuel Processor Systems to be applied in Fuel Cell applications for remote and portable energy generators, through R&D services and tailor-made solutions for chemical process intensification areas, such as:
      • Vacuum-brazed aluminum exchangers
      • Diffusion bonding process equipment
      • Reaction systems analysis for catalyst and process verification
      • Pilot plants aimed at process intensification based on micro-technology


The team

Novargi’s in-house technology and experienced team includes experienced design experts, which helps the company to offer complex and innovative solutions in the Industry.

Novargi staff is composed of a group of experienced engineers and designers with track record in Process Equipment, Package Units and advanced technology for the manufacturing of special components.

Novargi provides highly effective technological solutions and an integrated management of the projects, including Engineering, Procurement, Management, Inspection, Expediting  and  Logistics.


Project management & Procurement

Being a committed Thermal & Process Equipment specialist, Novargi understands the importance of total quality and timely delivery. From detailed design to project completion every aspect is controlled.

We have proven that our project management team work best being part of a unique team with our Client. This leads to open communication and rapid solutions to any engineering throughout the project.

NOVARGI owns a worldwide database of quality approved vendors that we can utilize in order to secure competitive pricing for our clients and carry out all logistics management of these components to the point of fabrication or delivery to Client. This is a key management requirement to ensure understanding of the critically or certain materials to the overall schedule and manage the deliveries accordingly.

Our control of design and management of vendors are key factors to ensure first rate quality at competitive pricing, which is fundamental to achieving Novargi’s objectives.