Incineration Package

Sour Gas Incineration Package for OGDCL

NOVARGI designs and supplies complete incineration system, combining the experience in difficult fuels, fuel mixes, waste gases and other wastes.

NOVARGI offers complete solutions, easy to operate and reliable to eliminate liquids and gas streams fulfilling with the most stringent international regulations.

Gas combustion system to eliminate gas waste stream and reduce NOX through a catalytic via and recover the energy through MP Steam

Incinerator packages are employed for complete combustion of acid gases, liquids or solids. Novargi provides Incinerator packages containing thermal incinerator, combustion air blowers, secondary air blowers for stack temperature and dispersion, pilot air blowers, Pilots, main burners, incinerator stack, incinerator Knockout drum, instrumentation, interconnecting piping and all other requirements for the safe & continuous operation of the system.