Heater Treater - API 12L

The Heater Treater combines heat and enhances the separation of inlet multiphase flow components into a single, compact and efficient unit. Novargi’s Heater-Treater follow API12L specs and its proprietary designs are most optimal in the operation fields dealing challenged emulsions found in heavy and extra-heavy crude oil.  

NOVARGI’s thermal treaters combine both heating and coalescing capabilities in a single process equipment.

NOVARGI provide two-phase (oil/water) and three-phase (gas/oil/water) equipment which are available with either mechanical or electrostatic coalescing elements.

By arranging the firetubes in the most efficient way heating is applied mainly to the oil without wasting energy in the water phase.

NOVARGI develops the thermal sizing and process design of the Indirect Heater to provide the maximum heating efficiency and reduced energy consumption. Efficiencies up to 92% can be achieved through our proprietary heater design.
Burners are engineered and manufactured to comply with Indirect Heater Requirements, Fuel gas, Diesel, LPG, crude oil or a mix of the same. Natural or Forced Draft Burners are available and flue gas recirculation to improve efficiency and flue gas emissions as well.

Heater Treaters are in compliance with API 12L and vessel is ASME “U” stamped.