Desalter and Dehydratation

In the cases of recalcitrant WIO (water-in-Oil) emulsions, chemical dosage and thermal dehydration must be used to comply with export oil specifications, and if the oil needs to be desalted, Novargi’s proprietary water mixer permits a minimum water dilution operation.

NOVARGI dehydrators are used to remove gas, water and solids out of the process stream.
NOVARGI’s proprietary electrostatic grid allows us to employ a horizontal flow stream that can be operated either as a two-phase (oil/gas) or three-phase (gas/oil/water) equipment.
Upon final crude oil specifications mechanical coalesce elements can be coupled with vertical grid system to fulfil and exceed product specifications.
Mechanical coalesce elements can achieve 10% BS&W and when an Electrostatic coalesce system is employed a 1.0 to 0.1% BS&W can be reached.
Overall footprint is reduced combining heating and coalescing elements in one single equipment.