Signature of a strategic contract for design and supply of a Thermal Incinerator and Waste Heat Boiler Package for an important Oil Refining Company in the Middle East

Technology & Process Package provider Novargi announces the signature of a strategic contract to design and supply a Thermal Incinerator and Waste Heat Boiler for an important Refinery Project in the Middle East.


The Thermal Incinerator Package will be capable of treating around 80,000 kg/h of Tail Gas from Amine Absorber and around 5,000 kg/h of Sweep Gas from Steam Ejectors in the worst scenario, producing superheated steam. The steam production will be around 70,000 kg/h.


Novargi's scope of supply includes engineering design, manufacturing and supply of Thermal Incinerator Package Unit mainly consisting of:

      • Thermal incinerator burner (including pilot burner , bolt / nut / gasket for burner connection to thermal incinerator , refractory material)
      • Thermal incinerator chamber (with refractory and ceramic ferrules , ladder and platform , weather protection and instrumentation )
      • Thermal incinerator waste heat recovery unit (including both section of SSH coil and steam generator, refractory material, down comers / risers and internals)
      • Thermal incinerator WHB steam drum (with ladder and platform, down comers / risers, internals and  instrumentation)
      • Thermal incinerator stack of 75 m height with inner stainless steel stack (with ladders and platforms, air craft warning lights ,personal protection and instrumentation)
      • Combustion air fans (with Silencers, expansion joints, air intake filters, common base plate and instrumentation)
      • HP- Steam desuperheater (with instrumentation)

Novargi is proud to take part in this strategic project in the Middle East. This award builds on the growing track record of Novargi in the Middle East, which is continuously increasing in recent times.

3D Model of the Thermal Incinerator Package and WHB