Novargi awarded the design and supply of one Start up Heater for Urea Fertilizer Project in the Middle East

Novargi has been awarded of a contract to design and supply the Start up Heater for important Urea Fertilizer Project in the Middle East.

Novargi is proud to supply the start-up heater to the consortium of AVIC International Holding Corporation and Beijing Huafu Engineering Company Limited.
The Heater is going to be installed in Urea Fertilizer Complex in the Middle East  with capacity of 2,050 TPD of Synthetic Ammonia and 3,250 TPD of Urea.

The Start up Heater design is Vertical Cylindrical, Helical Coil, All radiant with total absorbed duty of 8.3 MW. The Heater will be designed to heat up a syngas stream of 80,600 kg/h up to 170 ºC (cold start) and a syngas stream of 40,174 kg/h from 170 ºC to 403 ºC during operation (intermediate operation).

The supply shall also include Design, Manufacturing, Supply of goods, Testing, Inspection, Spare Parts, Training, Operating Service, Certification, Packing, Services and Documentation for the equipment fully in accordance with Project Specifications.

With this important project, Novargi strengthen its position in the the Petrochemical industry in the Middle East and is recognized as a reference in the field of Fired Heaters suppliers in the region.