Hot Oil Heater Package

Novargi has the in-house capability to design and supply Hot Oil Heaters (HOH) fulfilling strict Process Requirements from our clients. Novargi design and supply Hot Oil Heaters (HOH) with integrated burners or combustion chamber to produce Hot Oil for processing necessities, like hot transfer medium to release heat to different Equipment like heat exchangers and reactors.

Novargi has established itself as an independent supplier in Hot Oil Heaters (HOH) and Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG) for the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries.

Different fuels like Natural Gas, Vent Gas Streams, Liquid Tars, Light Liquid Drains and other could be employed for the HOH.

Hot Oil Heater (HOH) is composed of double helical carbon steel coil , through which circulates the hot oil at operating temperatures in the range of 300-350ºC

The package consists of one Hot Oil Heater (HOH) unit connected to a combustion chamber.

HOH manufacturingThe HOH package typically contains the following components:

  • HOH casing with helical coils
  • HOH outlet stack
  • Burner or Combustion chamber to burn every kind of Liquid or Gas Stream
  • Combustion air intake system, including shut-off damper, ducting and forced draft fan
  • Emergency Shutdown (ESD) Cabinet and protections

Novargi always accommodate to each client’s individual design specifications. Due to the international expertise of the group, we are also accustomed to different international codes as PED in Europe, GOST in Russia and API Standards.