Indirect Heater - API 12K

Indirect Water Bath Heater


NOVARGI designs and supplies Skid Mounted Indirect fired Heaters, which are used to increase the temperature of well effluents to prevent hydrate formation, reduce viscosity and break down emulsions.

Novargi specialize in integral solutions for the Oil Wells, where Associated Petroleum Gas can be utilized to heat up the crude oil coming from the three phase separator on the well head, which is burned efficiently and respecting the environment.

This package typically consists of a vessel for water bath atmospheric pressure, where flue gases coming from the burner or from combustion chamber are employed to heat a bath, which heat up the process stream coming from the well head.

Indirect heaters could be produce in accordance with API 12K,  which covers design of water bath or different  bath medium as Hot Oil, Low pressure steam, TEG and others.